America's 911 Foundation
The 2022 Scholarships will be for fifteen - $2,000 awards
2022 College Scholarship Applications are 100% Online.
To Apply you must create an Account

When you create the initial account you will be provided a
Specal Number - Remember it, write it down with your Password.
Once the basic information is entered you will be automatically redirected to the login page
If not Login at

Once you login, you will be presented a control page
There are a few more steps to fill out, then upload your essay to be completed.
Everything Must be Completed by March 9, 2022
(the system will suspend all accounts at 2200-eastern time on 9 March 2022)

- You choose to wait until the last minutes -
Please do this early!

The Essay question is: “What inspired your parents to become a first responder
and how could that inspire you?"

*The uploaded essay can only be in .pdf(s),  .doc or .docx formats
Limit the essay to (250-500 words)
The Essay needs to be constructed with the following type font
New Roman Times or Arial; 12pt; 1.5 spaces between each line.

Suggestions: Applications will be rated on grammar, spelling, punctuation,
content and appearance. Grammar and spelling are very important.

Scholarship FAQ