Board of Directors:

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Eric Sjurseth


Email:  Eric


Lisa Sjurseth


Email:  Lisa


Ted Sjurseth

Co-Founder/Executive Board

Email:  Ted




Evan Forrester

Executive Board

Email:  Evan


Teresa Toth

Executive Board

Email:  Teresa


Roger Flick

Executive Board

Email:  Roger


Richard Pinnavaia

Executive Board

Email:  Richard


Victoria Kriner-Eisenhour

Executive Board

Email:  Victoria


Alison Hamrick


Email:  Alison





Associate Board Members:
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Robert Brendel

Associate Board

Email:  Robert


Larry C.

Associate Board

Email:  Larry


Richard Senior

Associate Board

Email:  RichardS


Joyce Flick

Associate Board

Email:  Joyce

Dr. Skip George

Associate Board

Email:  SkipG


LA George

Associate Board

Email:  LA George


Carl Maust

Associate Board

Email:  Carl


Dan Kenny

Associate Board

Email:  DanK


Shelby Davidson

Associate Board

Email:  Shelby


Lexy Sjurseth

Associate Board

Email:  Lexy


Jimmy Csizmadia

Associate Board

Email:  Jimmy


Todd Sckmeidle

Associate Board

Email:  Todd


Ray Hartman

Associate Board

Email:  RayH


Angelo Bizzarro

Associate Board

Email:  Angelo



Past Board Members

Richard Pinnavaia 2003-2021
Larry Connen 2005-2021
Andy Young 2015-2019
Donna Peck 2006-2017
Michael Peck 2006-2016
Rick Flick 2003-2016
Teresa Toth 2012-2016
Christa Statler 2004-2012
Bill Statler 2004-2012
Nich Lieshen 2004-2012
Sherry Hayworth 2003-2011
Teresa Flick 2003-2011


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Promotions:        Roger@ americas911foundation.org

Merchandising:     Lisa@ americas911foundation.org
Media:                  Roger@ americas911foundation.org




Foundation Mailing Address:


America's 911 Foundation, Inc.

13630 Barnhouse Place

Leesburg Virginia 20176-5460

(703)771-0118 or Toll Free (877) Seven 71-0118